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Melville and the Mill Girls

Hey all, my pal Kassie Baron just publishes a short blog post about women’s mill work and its connection to Herman Melville’s “Tartarus of Maids.” It dovetails nicely from our conversations with Graham Thompson and elsewhere about labor and literary production. You can read it here:

She writes, “The history of women’s labor is a history full of triumph and heartbreak, perseverance and setbacks.”

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The Drift

Hey all,

First I’m writing from my phone, so apologies in advance for any typos. I’m not sure if anyone else saw this but there’s a new litmag that launched today called The Drift, which opened with a salvo about the state of periodical publishing today:

They have a lot of punchy takes on the current NYC “media establishment” that is both humorous and angry, especially in contemporary discussion of covid and police protests, but I’m curious about how we can think about their intervention alongside our more historically oriented discussions of periodicals.

They look back to modernist little magazines and say: “We think there’s an audience now for this kind of magazine: one in which socialism and feminism don’t entail moralizing; in which political wars are not fought on cultural battlefields; in which an essay isn’t an excuse for self-indulgence; in which there’s more to the media than endless recursive analysis of the media.”

I don’t have much more developed thinking about this right now, but I think there’s some interesting very current thinking around periodicals like this (and a recent essay over at Fence: ) that I’d love to hear more thoughts about!



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